Almost excellent bike but mirrors are vibrating I liked the scooty more sporting look easy goes 60 kmpl vibration is a negative I have seen till now good mileage good performances. TVS NTorq 125 Scooter braking is done via a 220mm front disc brake and a 130mm rear drum brake. Is it okay to go for a long trip apprx 250-300 kms. I dont think I get more then 30 in city riding condition but that can be because of my aggressive riding style. The claimed ARAI mileage is 49 kmpl but you get 40-43 kmpl in city Most of the world measures fuel economy in liters per 100 kilometers. The glove box makes it easy for you to secure your essentials. Note: This conversion will NOT work for the UK. The TVS Ntorq 125 is a lightweight scooter, perfect for everyday use. Though it is a scooter, but is it okay to go? The offer is subject to two-wheeler availability at the dealerships, BikeWale has brought this offer information on best effort basis and BikeWale is not liable for any consequential (or otherwise) loss or damage caused by the information, All applicable terms and conditions would be as per the dealers and the same may change without any prior intimation, For the final price, offer availability and exact details of the offers, kindly contact the dealerships. Mileage in Highway Driving--Mileage in City Driving--Average Mileage: 52 kmpl How to convert miles per gallon (mpg) to liters per 100 kilometers? 0-60kmph time of 7.65 seconds. 43-45 kmpl in city and 45-50 kmpl in highways!!! You’ll also never run out of charge with that USB charging port for your phone. I m taking 52 mileage on streets. Not more then 30-35. When will it be available in Ghaziabad? It is easy to go down the conversion table and locate your particular amount of liters to find the equivalent amount of gallons used in a car or vehicle. 68,885 to Rs. MILEAGE & TOP SPEED: Mileage: As reported by the NTorq owners in India, the real mileage of TVS NTorq 125 is 42 kmpl. Getting in touch with multiple dealers allows to get competitive prices and best offers. Most importantly, Ntorq doesn't have any problem on broken roads or rural roads, that's beyond question in case of other scooters. The TVS NTORQ 125 has Disc front brakes and Drum rear brakes. TVS Ntorq 125c mileage test 1 litre petrol (2019) - YouTube quipped with best-in-class features like 3-Valve 125 CVTi-Revv Engine & Incoming Call Alerts. Perfect bs6 bike in this segment don't think just go for it , i purchased this race edition and using mileage is good and better for young people , no scooty can beat this in this segment and in power also , if you have 90k definitely go for it , no need to think much , It was a good choice to choose this as for me it was very comfortable. Use the chart below to estimate fuel efficiency. At an optimum speed it gives mileage of 43 to 44 but at high speed is will give you 38 to 40.depends how you ride. It delivers better mileage that 57% of scooters. Regular riding - 39kmpl. TVS Ntorq 125 faces competition from rivals like Hero Maestro Edge, Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125 and its arch nemesis, the Aprilia Storm 125. Is TVS Ntorq 125 a good Bike? Don't buy a scooter for speed because a scooter is for practicality not for performance and speed. Check out our list of top 10 mileage scooters in India. For high speed bike is a better option. Are you looking for a fuel efficient scooter? This is more than just the seating. Q: What is the fuel average per litre,let me know worth buying - Ntorq 125. BikeWale collects mileage information from bike owners to provide you with the actual mileage that you might get. Oho boy i present the second best scooter in India, wait a minut, The scooter is awesome and a best mileage, Best mileage and performance scooter ever. TVS Ntorq 125 Mileage. will get in touch with you soon. Moreover, the mileage of any vehicle would depend on factors like timely service management, tire pressure management, driving conditions, etc. Dirt on the dashboard and other trim inside the car is repulsive apart from being a health hazard. Search by pincode or area e.g: 400708 or airoli. Calculate miles per US gallon (MPG US), miles per Imperial gallon (MPG Imp), kilometers per liter (km/L) or liters per 100 kilometers (L/100km). It comes with a fuel capacity of 5 Litres and a reserve capacity of 1 Litre, giving a riding range of 240 Kms.