I of course rechecked every single nut and bolt after assembling everything and tightened a few here and there. The illustrations are quite good. Email me: thecalibercorner@gmail.com The Greatest FFL Gun Dealer in the Great Plains!! Putting it all together goes easier with two people, and once the front and rear sections are attached you definitely need a couple people to turn it over as it needs to be to finish the assembly with the wheels and a few miscellaneous other things. Thirdly, and maybe most puzzling; is that the way they describe the wiring path would compromise the ability to pull the pins out for the tongue and dump it back. 6. It is claimed to carry up to 400-pounds and is built with a steel main bar and an aluminum carrier and ramp extension. (Thousand Oaks) $160. The all-welded … These wheels are pretty small and I am doubtful about the amount of weight they can hold despite them being made for this purpose. All Coupons for STEEL CARGO CARRIER: current price ($62.99) | search the web. At Harbor Freight youll find every tool you need to complete any DIY project. It’s not a huge kayak or heavy but it is not small either. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed like the trailer bounced less also because, perhaps, the heavier twelve-foot kayak wasn’t bouncing and passing this motion along to the trailer and its suspension. Quality tools & low prices. Tool Carts |DO. Including assembly time, modification time for the duplicate side piece that I had to re-manufacture, wiring everything up with lots of differences in the instructions between what they said and reality, having to go back and add more wiring for the ground, then having to wire in the part that goes onto the car – I spent quite a significant amount of time assembling this. 66983/69623 Expired: 3/27/20 - $39.99 Coupon Code: '47383095' STEEL CARGO CARRIER Lot No. Later when I took the wheels off again I did check to make sure that the grease fittings worked fine and were filling the inside with grease. ... 750 lb. The carrier is strong and should last awhile, works with a 2 inch hitch . No big deal though it took a little extra time to make sure they were in the right places and to drill them out properly. That is what we decided but you could easily minimize the materials you needed for a minimal kayak carrier by mounting angled pre-made kayak carriers that attach to a vehicle crossbar to the frame itself with little more materials needed, though you might need a crossbar of some sort or something to adapt the attachments to the frame, which is thicker than a regular car crossbar. Puzzling, but a minor fix. Jay. Later I replaced the bike tire padding with heavier landscape edging and a nicer version of heavier-duty foam pipe insulation over that, all secured with zip-ties and heavy-duty velcro straps. Rightline Gear Ace Car Top Carriers. Argh. Which is great and seems very durable. Unfortunately with the shape of the Pro Angler’s bottom, as I mentioned above, it could never fully be seated into the “V” (at least securely) and it overhung on one side. Get an extra 10 square ft. of storage capacity on top of your vehicle with this ultra-durable 150 Lb. There are a few clips included, which work well, but there are not enough. Sort by relevance. $59.95 - $69.95. i found a couple of different manufacturers that make to style product but i was unhappy with the prices. And are there some downsides consumers should be aware of? There are three-leaf springs per side and the three hundred plus pounds helps and it holds to the road okay, not great and but not terrible. These guys have every tool imaginable. Performance XPORT universal bike mount, 2 x $10 3. We’d had good luck with that on the top of the vehicle and it minimized having to secure them just right as well as any cross-wind resistance for the light trailer. Harbor freight is a long-serving company with more than 40 years of experience. I referred to the parts list and illustration in the back quite often at first, and I used a metric ruler to get the correct sizes of bolts as needed initially. Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Database. I think it’s hard to tell that we assembled it ourselves as it really looks like we bought it all assembled professionally. Save $76.66. Their prices are rock bottom, with quality to match. Unfortunately, it’s hard to gauge perspective with the backup cameras as the perspective is skewed and smaller, as I found with some backing up experiments with the trailer. You can buy your own wood to make a rail or stake rack (see about the rail/stack rack mounts above) or plywood to make it a flatbed as there are bolt holes for these additions (we just used treated plywood and we didn’t cut it in the middle to allow folding). Discount prices on hitch cargo carriers, roof top carriers, cargo nets and cargo carrier … Go Kart Amp Mini Bike Parts OEM Replacement Parts 150, 250, 800, 1000, 1100 for TrailMaster, Kandi, American Sportworks, Kinroad, Roketa, BMS, Joyner, Goka, Blade, Carter, Dazon … See more ideas about trailer, utility trailer, kayak trailer. And for the further versatility and ease of modifying and adding to the trailer, I have to give it high praise. Press brake? Insert Pin (12) to lock it all to your vehicle. I had looked at the identical carrier at Harbor Freight and purchased this one for $10 less shipped to my door. ... 750 lb. If you don’t plan on using side rails or anything you could just skip putting these on, there are two per side and two for the front and two for the back. It’s okay I guess, it doesn’t look like it is going to break or anything, but it is just is a bit floppy. We also found that the Edge plug was deteriorated from rust over the years as we had never used it and the cover had come off. There are dolly wheels that are installed for when you fold up the rear section so you can roll it around. Anyway, these are made of fairly thick steel, not as thick as the frame of course, but substantial. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I am not sure but it feels fairly heavy as if it did. Today we will take a closer look at the $60 Harbor Freight Haul Master brand Cargo Carrier! I used the two side rail mounts on either side with four 2×4’s cut twenty-one and a half inches long, when slid into the side rail holders and bolted in this gives around eighteen and a half inches of clearance between the bottom of the kayak rail mounts and the top of the frame of the trailer, and around eighteen inches or so with the plywood deck on the frame.