LOUIE: The map on the flyer said that this was the nearest entrance to the circus. I got..[Cecilia door shut offscreen] I'm sorry. (Scene cuts were other dinosaurs that were also fed Brain Grain. Listen, I've figured out a way you guys can stroll uptown and not cause a riot. That is what it is. LOUIE: All right, break it up. We have a lady with us who says she has seen a real dinosaur. REX: Don't be scared. I heard your wish on my wish radio. You've lost your savagery. Better listen to your friend. You see, I find out what they're frightened of on this radio, and that's what I try to give them with my circus. Parents need to know that We're Back!A Dinosaur's Story is a '90s animated movie that is best for kids who clearly understand the difference between real and pretend violence. He's insane. It's a wish radio. I laid an egg. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. BOY #7: Yeah, wouldn't it be great if they were real? Hey, shut up with that. You're civilized now and I've got a contract, and you're gonna respect that like the chumps that you are. He was voiced by Joey Shea. You can forget it. Lunch time! I was amazed by the sauerkraut. STUBBS: Okay, this is it. No. Let's hang a Louie and head on back. REX: Row your boat gently down the stream. LOUIE: Boo? BOY #4: Dinosaurs! I don't understand these people. Here, take it, take it! A Dinosaur's Story. It's up to you. But hang around with elephants all day and try to keep YOUR clothes clean! DR.JULIET: (Not noticing as Rex runs and steps over her) There we are. A Dinosaur's Story, its characters, screenshots, artwork, music, or any intellectual property contained within. Lift me up higher, Dad. Grab on! 10 All-Time Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Fails, Atop the Fourth Wall: Comic Book Quickies #7. STUBBS: Don't you see? Late again. Have you been a dinosaur long? And they made up with their parents. CECILIA: Oh, please don't let bad happen. Show business. Fire when ready. Over-and-outski! PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: And now I will attempt the impossible. A young mouse, mole and hedgehog risk their lives to find a cure for their badger friend, who's been poisoned by men. As Buster leaves his family, he meets an intelligent golf-playing Orange Tyrannosaurus Rex named Rex (John Goodman). PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Or you'll what? They did this for us. Come on, children, this way. Cecilia Nuthatch is the love interest of Louie from the 1993 animated film, We're Back! LADY: Larry, I was taking a shower just now and I looked out my bathroom window, and I saw a dinosaur. You see, my father's very business, and my mother's very social. LOUIE: Hey, Cecilia, look! I've missed them with my endless, shameless lateness. LOUIE: Dinosaurs, you do got that lookDinosaurs, you do got that look. BUSTERS'S MOTHER: Oh, baby, my sweet baby. Oh, sir, this is your lucky day. Take two steps toward the audience. Watch out for the skyscraper. LOUIE: You jerks don't scare me. Mommy's little birdie. I will attempt to master the most fearsome of all the dinosaur clan, the ultimate set of teeth in the history of the world. REX: It's him. While admiring the beautiful city, they meet Louie, a boy who's running away to join a circus. They are to meet Dr. Bleeb of the Museum of Natural History, but get sidetracked with their new children friends and run into the Captain's evil brother, Professor Screweyes. DWEEB: My name is Dweeb. LOUIE: Okay. In a prehistoric forest, Rex is terrorizing other dinosaurs such as this Thescelosaurus he is pursuing when a spaceship lands on Earth with a little alien named Vorb. Opinions expressed on this site do not necessarily represent the opinion of site staff or sponsors. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Oh, I'll take you in, if you want. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Do you see what they're most afraid of? ELSA: I'm Elsa. There's a circus showing in Central Park. They're friends of mine. CECILIA: So, was that your audience we passed coming here? Released in theaters by Steven Spielberg's company in 1993 just after he created Jurassic Park, this movie was meant to bring the dinosaur phenomenon to kids.It's a sweet story with clever characters and laughs, … How about taking a 10-30 for coffee and donuts? Oh, well, we'll rendezvous. You're gonna love this. You'll be smart. He's featuring them in the show tonightHe's featuring them in the show tonight. The kindly, Captain NewEyes (voiced by famous news anchor Walter Cronkite) arrives in his time­-traveling airship to feed them his own special Brain Grain Cereal. Yes. The things I've stepped on. He explains to Buster that he was once a ravaging dinosaur, and proceeds to tell the story of how he came to become what he is today. It's time to leave the nest! Buster runs away to join the circus. That there's a friend of mine. You'll be all right. LOUIE: I don't know. REX: Hey, I'm sorry about the way I've acted. He's gonna kill the professor. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: Thank you, Vorb. A Dinosaurs’ Story” is batsh*t insane! WOOG: Well, great day in the morning. I was a real terror then. One's right by the other. Good night, Louie. KEEP MY LAST CHECK, BUDDY! DWEEB: Lunch? LOUIE: Quick, split up. It's no more than a bad dreamIt's no more than a bad dream. You missed the show, kids. what's the matter? He didn't laugh. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: Greetings, friends, and welcome to my ship. I gotta report to Captain Neweyes. That's all she wrote! LOUIE: You don't get it, do you? That was funny? CECILIA: But, Louie, I don't want to scare anybody. CHILD #4: I hope a monster doesn't get me. She needs you to fulfill the wishes of many children. I can't stop you, but the kids are mine. Rex explains to Buster that he was once a stupid and violent dinosaur, and proceeds to tell the story of how he came to become what he is today. Good night, little tough guy. Slow down! Oh, no. Come on. Not long ago, Rex meets a little blue bird named Buster. This January, put your resolutions on hold and dive into some great streaming picks. Words fail me. I'll take them from here, please. Rex explains that he was once a ferocious dinosaur, and then proceeds to tell his story of how he changed. With it, I can hear what people are wishing for, 40 especially young people because they wish the loudest. Thanksgiving picture with sad Cecilia picture on the middle seat], [Cecilia throws a hat will flying away to the city, Sasha look a Thanksgiving hat and she asked mom and she felt sad and shocked look a Thanksgiving hat on her head and she smiled]. We've arrived. He likes to sing, dance, and even play golf. WOOG: Tell me about it. In the process, Charlie learns that friendship is the most heavenly gift of all. One's right by the other. (Then he drives off.). Pardon my wingspan, won't you please? CHILD #2: There's monsters in the forest, I bet. WOMAN: No, Sasha, they're not dinosaurs. A time traveling scientist goes back to prehistoric times and feeds dinosaurs a magic cereal that increases their intelligence - next they land in modern New York City for a series of comic adventures. ), https://transcripts.fandom.com/wiki/We%27re_Back!_A_Dinosaur%27s_Story?oldid=145824. ELSA: But these are the first children we've met. They are to meet Dr. Bleeb of the Museum of Natural History, but get side-tracked with their new friends and run into the Captain's evil brother, Professor Screw Eyes, who has other plans for the dinosaurs. See? Quittski! That means king. We're back. STUBBS: I'm telling you, you ought to forget them and go about your merry business. When Rex falls into the river and nearly drowns, Louie uses a crane to help pull him back onto land. Louie, Cecilia, they're in danger. Don't be just another slob spoiling the way the world could be. I give you monsters! This FAQ is empty. Goodbye! 1 Cast: 2 Scenes Index: 3 Movie Used: 4 Clips of Movies/TV Shows Used: 5 Gallery: Rex - Alex the Lion (Madagascar) Woog - Horton (Horton Hears a Who; 2008) … He's cruel. Simple as that. It'll be very good, indeed. We'll rendezvous. Come on. See you. The film opens with a trio of young bluebirds harassing their youngest sibling, Buster (Blaze Berdahl). Very nice to meet you. A revolutionary product. Buster says to Rex, "Hey, ain't you a dinosaur? You haven't tasted stuff like this before. Holy smoke, are they ever big! The film opens with a trio of arrogant young blue birds harassing their youngest sibling Buster (Blaze Berdahl). DWEEB: Yes, we heard what people are wishing for. But I'll tell you what I'd be willing to do. Put him down, Rex. GIRL 3: I wish I could see one of those flying dinosaurs. This guy's crazy, Stubbs. Why are you crying? You all agree to take the Brain Drain, and I'll rip up this contract and set the kids free. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Stubbs, get out of here. GIRL #1: Oh! What are you, a bat? That's me. Hey, how did I do that? All the usual weirdoes will show upAll the usual weirdoes will show up, I'm sure. Professor Screweyes' Eccentric Circus. Where you guys going, anyways? You, yes, you have been chosen as the beneficiary of a promotional campaignyou have been chosen as the beneficiary of a promotional campaign. Cecilia develops a crush on Louie and the two eventually become a couple. That guy's crazy. I was so embarrassed. COMEDY! A Dinosaur's Story begins in the present and then flashes back to the beginning-right at the beginning, as dinosaurs roam the prehistoric swamps looking for a snack. My advice to you is find Dr. Bleeb and stay well clear of my dark and unhappy brother. Not long ago Rex meets a little blue bird named, Buster. That's why they come, to get scared. Top hat, right down to their tails. That was okay? Ed Sutton . He rampaged across the forest, across the lakes and past the trees. What do you say? (Walks to the crane area where Louie and the dinosaurs just left) Welcome to New York City. REX: Well, Buster, don't you have a mom somewhere that's probably worried about you? You don't like turkey? Mama's little birdie. I'm a good guy. A little green alien named Vorb came out as the hatch opened.). (audience laughing), Stubbs the Clown: But that's not the point. Okay, to midtown. Look what's coming down the street. STUBBS: I showed it to the Prof. Title: It's a public service. You're too enlightened by my brother's Brain Grain. LOUIE: Well, neither do I, but do you want to get busted? LOUIE: Enough with this tea-party chatter. You can't skimp on publicity. To Conclude, “We’re Back! Thank you. what are you guys, anyway? How you doing? You're going too fast! PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Brother, brother, wait. He explains to Buster that he was once a ravaging dinosaur, and proceeds to tell his personal story. You're going to have to be kept in cages and chains, because you're gonna be wild again. Hit the brakes, I gotta land a minute. CECILIA: A pleasure, Rex. REX: I'm smart, Buster. He explains to Buster that he was once a ravaging dinosaur, and proceeds to tell his personal story. REX: We're going to The Museum of Natural History. Dinosaurs, look, dinosaurs! This boy had beaten you. What are you, some kind of a debutante? Think, Louie, think. Maybe you're right. Just look scary and wave your pitchforks. REX: Cool. Come on, big eyes, you're killing me. Take two bites, you'll have a hypothesis. ELSA: And I'll take it, you loathsome creature. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: I appeal to a particular group. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Well, you ran away to the wrong circus, kid. So you see, the creature that scares you all does what I say. We will frighten you. Davidchannel's movie spoof of Universal/Amblin Entertainment's 1993 Animated Science Fiction/Adventure-musical film We're Back! Ma'am? We're Back! The circus is an ocean with some spice. You are a rough and handsome fellow. With John Goodman, Charles Fleischer, Blaze Berdahl, Rhea Perlman. (waving his handkerchief to the audience and laughs while driving his car) Oh, and by the way, in case you're wondering why I'm talking and they're laughing, let me explain it to ya... (Yells and gets close to Screweyes' face.) Think, think, think, think, think. Neweyes doesn't see any problem with travelling back in time, capturing dinosaurs, force-feeding them chemically treated cereal that drastically alters their behavior, shoving them out of his airship into the New York harbor, and leaving his brother to the mercy of the crows.He's apparently made quite a killing for himself feeding this same cereal to children in the future. SASHA: Look, Mommy, those are real dinosaurs. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: Now, there are two people down there you should know about. I'm very pleased to meet you, Woog. The crows could... DR.JULIET: I'm coming. Rex is a Orange Tyrannosaurus Rex and the main protagonist from We're Back! There was a blue Triceratops named Woog, a lavender Pteranodon named Elsa and a green Parasaurolophus named Dweeb, They were feasting on hot dogs.). A time traveling scientist goes back to prehistoric times and feeds dinosaurs a magic cereal that increases their intelligence - next they land in modern New York City for a series of comic adventures. He was driven mad by the loss of his eye long ago. Playing golf? LOUIE: I don't know, but I've never seen so many tonsils in my lifeI've never seen so many tonsils in my life. LOUIE: Hey, she's looking at whatever she wants to, chump. This site makes no claim to We're Back! It hit the monstrous beast as he was just about to move in for the kill. Slow down, already! Remove his shackles. The point is, I quit. Ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, I give you the infernal grand demon parade. REX: Now appearing in Central Park. A Dinosaur's Story was released in 1993 and is based on a short children's book. You can go. They're easy enough to scare. we'll meet you at the circus in Central Park. LOUIE: Stubbs, you gotta get us in that show. GIRL 1: I wish my sister was nicer to me. Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. We just joined his circus. REX: That's Professor Screweyes. CECILIA: Seems a little creepy, doesn't it? With John Goodman, Charles Fleischer, Blaze Berdahl, Rhea Perlman. LOUIE: What about your parents? Captain New Eyes travels back in time and feeds dinosaurs his Brain Grain cereal, which makes them intelligent and nonviolent. The remedy to my brother's goody two-shoes breakfast cereal. They're robots. You're acting like I just hatched. Comes in two flavors, regular or nutty-nut. A Dinosaur's Story (book), a 1987 children's book drawn and written by Hudson Talbott We're Back! CECILIA: Um, it's getting dark. Way to go, Rex! and she feel sad and looked around to the living room, desktop, and bedroom. Brain Grain cereal. It's taken 280 portions of Brain Grain to jumpstart that skull of yours, pal. She has orange hair in a blue bow, a white dress with blue tie,rims, blue earrings,white socks,and blue shoes. Screweyes' name comes from the screw that replaces his left eye. I'm one smart dinosaur. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: That's right. You've taken so long, I almost gave up. They agree to go to the Middle Future (this era) in order to grant the wishes of children in New York city. Ever since then, Screweyes decided that the world around him never made any sense and therefore acts accordingly to life's senseless ways by using fear to get his w… Good work. CECILIA: I think they're swank, first rank. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: She knows you're coming. I didn't mean to frighten you. A Dinosaur's Story is een Amerikaanse animatiefilm uit 1993, de film werd geproduceerd door de animatiestudio Amblimation van Steven Spielberg en gedistribueerd door Universal Pictures, Stemmen worden ingesproken door John Goodman, Jay Leno, Walter Cronkite, Julia Child en Martin Short.De film is gebaseerd op het in 1987 uitgebrachte kinderboek van Hudson Talbott, They agree to go to the Middle Future (this era) in order to grant the wishes of children in New York city. STUBBS: No, not really crazy. Template:PlotIn present-day New York City, an Eastern bluebird named Buster runs away from his siblings and he meets an intelligent orange Tyrannosaurus named Rex, who is playing golf. Splendid. She is voiced by Yeardley Smith (who is best known for the voice of Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons). Good to see somebody of a similar persuasion, if you know what I mean. LOUIE: Everybody, I'd like you to meet my new friend, Cecilia Nuthatch. Don't look, Cecilia. STUBBS: The professor gave them some stuff that sent them off the deep end. Hey you, the bat. Rex, I feel such a fool, but I must say it. 1 Appearance 2 Bio 3 Game 4 Trivia He is a boy with long shoulder length black hair, white shirt, black jacket, blue pants, black socks, red shoes and baseball cap, freckles and a gap in his teeth. REX: Nope, no way, nada. A long time ago. It's gonna be all right. Professor Screweyes! How many we had so far today, Dweeb? Nice hat. Late for everything. Oh. Here, before your very eyes, I have a product. Just get me to the circus and we'll say no more about it. Please. You ran away to the circus. THAT'S! Enchanted and delighted to make your acquaintance, Rex. It was directed by Dick & Ralph Zondag, Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells, and written by John Patrick Shanley. CECILIA: A pleasure, Dweeb. We better get to our places. BUSTER: I'm gonna run away and join the circus. You're gonna get us killed! LOUIE: You know, New York isn't ready for you guys. Get back here! We're Back! A canine angel, Charlie, sneaks back to earth from heaven but ends up befriending an orphan girl who can speak to animals. I've got a surprise for you. Professor Screweyesis the main antagonist in We're Back! But the one thing I can’t call it is boring. But Buster says to Rex, Hey ain't you a dinosaur? LOUIE: It's embarrassing. REX: Hi, Max. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: Now, the other person you should know about is my brother, professor Screweyes. Never been there. REX: Smells good. You guys ain't lived. Give yourselves up. Coming through! REX: Oh, the circus, the circus. She is student at Lindbergh Elementary School for girls. He explains to Buster that he was once a ravaging dinosaur, and proceeds to tell the story of how he came to become what he is today.65 million years in the past in the Cretaceous Montana, Rex was a savage and fri… What do you want? PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: (holding out a jar of glowing pills) With a little help, yes. It'll make you monsters. LOUIE: I wish. In order to defeat the Grand Duke of Owls, a young boy transformed into a cat teams up with a group of barnyard animals to find a rooster who can raise the sun. Want to make something of it? A family of Emigre mice decide to move out to the West, unaware that they are falling into a trap perpetrated by a smooth-talking cat. STUBBS: Same at you. BUSTER: You weren't? There are a lot of children down there in this one particular timeThere are a lot of children down there in this one particular time that miss you, and they're wishing for you. REX: If you're thinking this guy's unreal / Just imagine how I must feel / Just imagine how I must feel / Human beings, what a meal! DWEEB: Hi, I'm Dweeb. My name is Rex. Back off. A Dinosaur's Story is a little too juvenile for most audiences. WOOG: Is it good? Captain New Eyes travels back in time and feeds dinosaurs his Brain Grain cereal, which makes them intelligent and nonviolent. LOUIE: I think my name is Louie, but seeing you is giving me doubts about my brain. CAPTAIN NEWEYES: They're young people, boys and girls, they want to meet youThey're young people, boys and girls, they want to meet you. what do you say you throw this hat away and come fly with me? GIRL #2: Are they gonna eat us? It's Thanksgiving, and they're off doing other things. All right, all right. The magical inhabitants of a rainforest fight to save their home, which is threatened by logging and a polluting force of destruction called Hexxus. Directed by Phil Nibbelink, Simon Wells, Dick Zondag. ELSA: I did. Stubbs the Clown: Good night, folks. LOUIE: Welcome to New York City. What do you say? REX: We're going to The Museum of Natural History. LOUIE: What's the circus? This is just. / Roll back the rock to the dawn of time / And sing this song with me. Gee, I wish I had a friendI wish I had a friend. Put your claws up! STUBBS: All right, I'll get you in, but not 'cause of what you said. Look into my eye, you bloodthirsty thing. The Museum of Natural History. CECILIA: Well, yes. LOUIE: Rex! DR.JULIET: Thank you. WOOG: Take it on faith, Rex. he works at the Ecentric Circus. That's what you used to call me. OFFICER: Hit the deck! ELSA: And don't forget the sauerkraut. Couldn't agree more. Press it to the contract. STUBBS: The professor. LOUIE: Oh, it's okay. But the Professor promises me that if I can come up with a bit that makes him laugh, he'll put it in the show. One person is there to help you. You're a giant. But the good Captain explained. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Good, now you come with me. Watch this. (The golf cart arrives and Rex hops out.). Millions of years in the past, Rex is a savage creature who terrorizes smaller animals until a futuristic aircraft arrives and interrupts Rex's ra… Be a king, Rex. I was a real animal. (puts a poster over the Professor Screweyes Eccentric Circus poster) Dinosaur exhibit. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: I try to keep things simple. Through a lengthy process of random selection, your galaxy, your planet, your neighborhood, hold on to your tail now, kiddo. CECILIA: [the kids are in costume, participating in the circus as a cover] Louie, I feel so silly. LOUIE: Uh, it's a little dark hereit's a little dark here. We need a plan. He's fed you that Brain Grain stuff and he warned you about me, eh? Now RJ's world had turned upside down as the dinosaurs and evil men battle over this book. LOUIE: So, they're this way 'cause of me. She was a lonely yet cute and very beautiful girl whose parents don't spend time with her (at least not until the end). REX: We're not taking anything. I'm going back to the ship. The mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex. Pull up! … No place? I ain't even complaining about my dry cleaning bill. Huh? You got the boat ready, Vorb? LOUIE: Don't you see? LOUIE: Hey, chill out. Dinosaurs. Yes, sirree bob. He was being chased by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. LOUIE: I'm big enough to suit my own purposes. OFFICER: Hey, we've got them surrounded. RJ, a normal High school student digs up a magical book that is so powerful someone corrupted wants it. I resign! A Dinosaur Story is a 1993 American animated film based on the 1987 children's book of the same name written by Hudson Talbot. CECILIA: Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I am. REX: Central Park? It's the second 2D animated dinosaur related movie that Steven Spielberg was associated with and, like Don Bluth's The Land Before Time, was cut to be more child friendly.. Come to the museum with us. WOOG: Hey, I'm Woog. View production, box office, & company info. CECILIA: What's happened to them, Mr. Stubbs? I wish. DR.JULIET: Delightful. It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Stubbs. LOUIE: Back off. STUBBS: I guess so. Louie is the deuteragonist of We're Back! REX: This was a long time ago, you understand? Amblimation - 207-211 The Vale, Acton, London, England, UK. The poster for the film. Really, just a recipe for delightful. VORB: Okay, men. He was fleeing in extreme fear. STUBBS: So, you thought I was funny? I am the master of fear and I am not afraid! And I was hungry all the time. We're Back! While emigrating to the United States, a young Russian mouse gets separated from his family and must relocate them while trying to survive in a new country. PROFESSOR SCREWEYES: Take your girlfriend's advice, sport. They agree to go to the Middle Future in order to grant the wishes of children in New York city. (adjusts her glasses, realizes that those are cranes) They're not here. What do you say? CECILIA: All right, I'll try. ELSA: I like her face, so full of character. STUBBS: Stubbs the Clown formerly of the legitimate circus.