Randy Newberg and Corey Jacobsen are elk hunting in New Mexico when Randy shows Corey what to do with shed elk antlers. Too many antlers to carry out, so Randy continues his ritual learned from Native Americans that involves hanging antlers in trees as an offering. Changes in the deer’s biology as a result of hormone adjustment due to photoperiods cause the antlers to be cast off (the process of shedding antlers). Finding shed antlers in the tangled thick grasses or cattails isn’t easy though. We shook hands and then I took a quick walk through the property. If you are new to deer hunting and are eager to collect your first deer antlers, you are probably wondering when do deer shed their antlers. Beyond that shed hunters have … They have been buying antlers for the last 8 years. A by-product of this natural cycle is that antlers have various commercial values. Even with the possibility of a paycheck at the end of a shed antler hunt, the reward for a western adventure far outweighs cash. Elk shed hunting is not that unlike finding shed antlers of whitetails. He’s been collecting them for more than 10 years and has amassed more than 120 antlers of various shapes and sizes. So if you have some old antlers laying around that you’d like to do something … For some added advice, be sure to check out this quick video from Mark Kayser, Tips For Finding Elk Shed Antlers. McIntosh, 33, knows all about antler sheds. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us here. HUNT ANTLERS, NOT DEER SERIOUS SHEDS. It is also important to be in very good physical shape if you want to attempt getting into secluded areas of elk country. Dense Conifer Stands. 629 likes. You need to pretty much stick to trails and beds to find them. Antlers still attached to skulls must remain in the woods. I handed over the older one, and everyone walked away happy. Most shed hunters know, you want to focus in on south facing slopes. OLYMPIA - The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has raised $15,032 for winter elk feeding at its first auction of shed elk antlers at the Oak Creek Wildlife Area in Yakima County. Shed antlers from deer, elk and moose are commonly found in areas where they spend the winter months. Other … Please be aware that these prices are estimates. At the end of that video, I promised to show where the elk shed that I used for the example would end up, so here it is! Outlaw Antler Buyers is a antler buyer that buy in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and Montana. What you can’t do. Just a few weeks after a whitetail deer or elk sheds its antlers, a new set begins to grow. Many of the key principles that apply to whitetail, and mule deer shed antler hunting are also important when looking for elk sheds. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will conduct its first auction of shed elk antlers May 2 to raise funds for its Oak Creek Wildlife Area winter elk feeding program. I believe that people should know the correct current antler prices before selling their antler sheds. New antler growth begins almost immediately thereafter. Members of the deer family generally shed their antlers from mid-January to mid-March. The Impact of Human Pressure: First and foremost, timing of your shed hunting is important because of the impacts of human pressure. Because food is limited in winter, deer tend to feed aggressively and bucks often jar their antlers loose in the process. About 1,275 pounds of antlers were sold at the May 2 auction, attended by about 150 people. Adult whitetail deer antlers can grow ¼ inch per day, whereas elk antlers grow about an inch per day. A hunting buddy and I actually found the matching set of antler sheds from this bull elk, which was a rare and exciting find indeed. November 25, 2019 Jon Waraas 18. On rare occasions, bulls carry full racks up to six months later than average or don’t shed their antlers at all, usually a side effect from injury or irregular hormone levels. In half an hour, I found two succes-sive years of sheds from the same buck. March 7, 2016 - Watch a moose shed one of its antlers as a startled Wyoming family records from a window close by. Growth is triggered by increasing daylight and subsequent testosterone production. Shed hunters can only pick up antlers that have been naturally shed by deer and elk in the wild. This regulation has been in effect since 2009 and includes all state-owned lands as well as federal lands. As a result, the shed antlers lay in wait for some lucky shed hunter to come along and pick them up. Home United States Washington Washington. The owner has been hooked on antlers every since he was 8 or . A moose in his prime can … Moose regrow a few months after shedding, making their growth rate even more impressive. COMMIT & CARRY HOME ARMFULS BY PAT OELSCHLAGER MARCH 2019 5 SERIOUS SHEDS. “I’ve got some monster ones, too,” he said. All male moose grow and lose their antlers each year, but it's rare to catch it on camera.Footage by Tony HilimClick here to read more:"Watch Rare Video of a Moose Shedding an Antler"Click here to read more about Moose General tips Location. Like deer and elk, moose have antlers—not horns. By Nathan Stohosky - Idaho Department of Fish and Game Antler hunting, more commonly known as shed hunting, is a favorite pastime for those of us suffering from cabin fever. This obsession corresponds with the time of the year when deer shed their antlers. Actually, my hunt for shed antlers begins shortly after hunting season ends, even though very few animals have lost their antlers at that time. The next 22 miles is private property owned by Vermejo Park Ranch. Typically, elk will start dropping their antlers in mid-March. Jackson - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department reminds antler hunters there is a season in place which prohibits the gathering of horns or shed antlers from January 1 through April 30 on public lands west of the Continental Divide in Wyoming. No permits or seasonal restrictions that I am aware of, but checking with local Game and Fish, and Federal agencies is a good idea before heading out. Male deer and elk shed their antlers annually. Like hunting, scouting is going to be the key to picking up more shed antlers and knowing where to look will hopefully save some time. Well, in order to find sheds, you must first figure out where the animals spend the majority of the winter. Washington. Larger bull elk generally begin shedding their antlers the first part of March, while deer do their shedding about a month later in April. As the winter months pass and spring looms upon us, many people head for the hills in search of the antlers deer and elk have dropped in preparation for growing new ones. One such gift involves antlers shed each year by Missouri’s enormous herd of white-tailed deer. Not all, but some will try to buy your antlers at a lower price than what they are worth. According to the Game Commission, it is illegal for individuals to possess a shed antler to sell, barter or trade. Elk shed last, between January and April, though the great majority lose their racks in March. Why? There comes a time in the off-season when whitetail deer hunters all over the country become obsessed with collecting deer antlers. Just a place to share your sheds from Washington state The auction starts at 1 p.m. at the Oak Creek headquarters building, 16601 Highway 12, west of Naches in Yakima County. In this blog article, I’ll be making a rustic elk antler clothes and/or hat rack. Assuming you’d like to find piles of shed antlers this year, the timing of when you shed hunt is important for three reasons: 1. Typically, mule deer and moose shed in late December through January, and elk shed from mid-winter through April. If you don’t it’s a great way to learn an area, the animals that made it through the past season and it is a superb way to get out and have some fun with the family.