But Balto got up but he felt Steele grab his tail as he was thrown hitting some rocks falling to the snow limp. The storyboards can be seen. In the Junior Novelization, it is revealed that Steele has a weakness for redheads and has had his eye on Jenna for a long time. Avant de connaître la célébrité, Balto effectuait en traîneau des r… Steele vs. Balto. After the sled race, Steele is about to approach Jenna when Dixie and Sylvie run over and block his way. Steele looks confused and uncomfortable, then grins at her and burps as he walks over her, leaving her ruffled and collapsing behind him. After he died, his body was taxidermied and kept in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, where it remains today. Balto deleted scene storyboards- Steele's Death. He thrives off of their praise and attention, but doesn't seem to have any respect or appreciation for him. - (Steele chuckling) - (Dad) Come on now. In the end, Balto simply died of old age at the Cleveland Zoo. I smiled and said to Victoria, "This is gonna be a very happy ending." It isn't clear what Steele's thoughts are on Dixie, but he seems annoyed and uninterested in her, as he only has eyes for Jenna. - Balto! Steele lunges for Balto furiously and pulls on his bandanna, but he pulls it loose and sends himself falling backwards off a cliff. In addition to his fame, Steele is very self-centered, arrogant, selfish, and rude. Jenna : [Jenna falls in the snow because she is hurt] Ahh! When Balto tries to take the medicine, Steele continuously blocks and pushes him away, his attacks getting more and more violent until finally, he grabs Balto's leg and sends him flying headfirst into a rock. Steele … Jenna watches him leave. Steele on the Barrel and the background for the scene selection on the DVD, An unidentified scene between Balto and Jenna, possibly an alternate to when they run into each other. Balto-Steele is TNT. It is unknown, and so I suggest you make fanfics on what happened. I don't own Universal Studios. funny. Steele is a very sneaky, sarcastic and manipulative dog who represents everything that Balto despises. The musher is knocked unconscious, and Steele sits still in the snow, not knowing what to do next. It's unknown where does this scene take place, judging by their faces, reaction and the environment, this probably takes place sometime before either Balto plans to find Steele's team or sometime after he was wrongly framed for stealing sausages. “No, there was a news flash that Steele is going around the town and sending death threats.” “Oh God.” “Yes. After he wins the sled race, he struts up to the musher, puffing out his chest and clearly looking for praise, but the musher ignores him and speaks with The Photographer, questioning if Steele is losing his edge after Balto outruns him. Balto-trilogy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. He later finds Jenna in the boiler room with Balto and tries to make her come with him to eat sausages for dinner, but Jenna seduces him and tricks him into backing into the boiler. Steele : Hey goose, you a half-breed too, huh? Source: me, Balto, the original photo is from Balto's animation gallery. He pulls it lose and sends himself falling backwards off of the cliff. Just a warning. À l'âge de 6 mois, il fut castré car il était trop grand et ses traits étaient considérés trop grossiers pour un husky de l'époque (le standard de l'époque recherchait des chiens plus fins et légers sur pattes, destinés à la course). He thrives off of the admiration and fame he gets from others. He returns and lies to the other dogs, claiming that Balto and the others are dead while making himself out to be a hero for fighting so hard to save them and the medicine. Character Galleries. But he climbs back up as Balto leads the team away. Disney Villain Death: Subverted. Balto (1995) Jim Cummings as Steele. Steele quickly yaps and spins around happily, jumping up as the musher pets him, acting like an innocent puppy. Watch fullscreen. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Balto rested there until his death on March 14, 1933 at the age of 14. In an original storyboard for the movie, Steele would have died after Balto returned with the medicine. Steele's Team consists of Kaltag, Nikki, Star, Blue Malamute, Brown Malamute, and Gray Malamute. Steele growls and steps on Balto's paw before the musher can touch him, and Balto yells out, making it look like he snarled at the musher. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? Jenna has never seemed half as interested in him, but Steele is sure that she will succumb to his charms sooner or later, just like every other dog in town. He does not appear in any of the sequels nor is mentioned, and it is unknown what happens to him after the events of the original movie. 110 Pages. Search. Steele finds himself in competition with Balto for Jenna's affection, but doesn't stand a chance because she despises him. Balto franchise. When he doesn't move, Steele gets afraid at knowing they have no musher to guide them. balto. The other dogs include Wild Joe's Team and any other Malamutes or dogs in Nome. When Balto tracks down Steele's lost team and tries to help, Steele refuses and continues to push and attack Balto until he sends him flying headfirst into a rock. Dixie congratulates Steele on winning the race as he bares his teeth in annoyance. It is unknown how long it's been going on, but Steele despises Balto and constantly bullies him about being half wolf and for dreaming about becoming a sled dog. Steele fell into some kinda coal chamber or something. Register Start a Wiki. 5 years ago | 67 views. added by ElbonNoble. You'll have to see the end of this. Log in. During races, it is seen that he is a cheater, as when he is tied with Wild Joe's Team, he nips near Chester's leg to scare him, causing the opposing team to go out of control and his team take the lead. Rosy's father steps out with a broom to shoo Balto away, but Rosie and Jenna run to defend him. Steele deliberately vandalizes Balto's trail (clearly not caring that the children will die if the medicine isn't delivered). Steele is extremely popular and admired by nearly every dog in town. Balto : No, you're not. Everything he does is for his own gain to increase his reputation in Nome. Steele's Musher is the musher of Steele's Team and possibly Steele's owner. ster got down and was about 200 feet from Jenna’s house when he felt someone grab him. Star's Death. In the English version, he was voiced by Jim Cummings. Balto IV: Steele Bites Back: Chapter 4. posted by Extinction17. I needed to tell u that.” “I’m off to tell Nikki.” “You do that.” Balto said. While you may be led to believe any number of possible theories surrounding the life and times of the famous Husky, the final days of Balto are decidedly more straightforward. Balto-trilogy Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Steele was proud of him. *NOTE - These are a select few images. Easily move forward or … His hatred for Balto is made out of pure jealousy (as Balto beat him to the finish line). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Steele looks annoyed and growls as he bares his teeth angrily at the musher. When Diphtheria breaks out in Nome, Steele makes sure that Balto stays out of his way and is ready to bring the medicine back to Nome not to save the children, but to be named a hero and become even more famous. Balto (1995) Bob Hoskins as Boris. “For the first time in forever, Steele is bad guy.” “Poop,” Kaltag said. He continues to boast about his fake lie while the other dogs listen intently, taking in each word, until Balto returns with the medicine, revealing that Steele lied. Balto is ashamed of his heritage. This is the last flashback chapter. It's very intense and dark. Balto notices that Rosy dropped her mitten and goes to return it to her, but Steele rolls a barrel at him. Kaltag was laying on his bed watching the 32” flat-screen TV in his room, when a newsflash came on. Wishbone (wolfpac 9) March 30, 2010: I love animals 8D: That question has been asked a million times before. Steele is an Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky mix who is Balto's rival and the main antagonist in the animated film, Balto. Clumsy. Embrace your past. He also likes Jenna, but she sees through his lies and loves the pure-hearted Balto instead, which further strengthens Steele's hatred and jealousy towards Balto. are balto and steele brothers; Return. 3:00. Some of the dogs sighed with 'awws' and even applauded for them. bituin got down and was about 200 feet from Jenna’s house when he felt someone grab him. Balto (1995) Family - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. The racing is being redo, now Steele makes sure Balto is not participating only to find another dog that doesn't have the requirements. Steele accidentally causes himself to fall off a very high cliff while fighting with Balto but survives likely due to hitting several ledges on the way down instead of a sheer drop. "I remember." Kaltag: Dude, Steele wants to kill you! Tadie. Jenna sees straight through Steele's lies. Steele and his dogs laugh and kick snow at him, Balto leaves Nome and heads to his home, a wrecked old boat. I needed to tell آپ that.” “I’m off to tell Nikki.” “You do that.” Balto said. He tries to ask Jenna out to eat bones after he wins the sled race, but Jenna says she's lost her appetite, and Steele gets frustrated, suggesting that her tastes run more toward wolf, referring to Balto. This scene might have taken place around the time of the Boiler Room scene, or perhaps originally, Doc helps Balto and Jenna get into the boiler room to find out what's wrong with Rosie. When racing against Wild Joe's Team, he cheats and nips at Chester's paw, scaring him and sending the dogs out of control. Balto-Steele is TNT. When Steele bullies Balto after he wins the race for the fastest dogs, Jenna confronts him and tells him to stop being such a glory hound. He believes he's defeated, but Balto gets back up, and Steele grabs onto his bandanna. He tells Jenna that Balto asked him to take care of her in an attempt to finally win her over, but Jenna sees through his lie. He falls with his head in a bucket, and Steele, Nikki, Kaltag, and Star laugh at him. Steele then pushed Balto onto his side and ran past the crowd of dogs who all watched as he ran past an old trap door and lever that was used to drop coal into a lower part of the gold dredger to keep the old machines running. It was Steele. Balto Wiki. por now the other perros had sided with Balto shocked por Steeles action. Mollymolata likes this. Steele smirks in satisfaction at Balto before he struts after his musher. Steele had a Death Scene but scraped how dark it was. “No, there was a news flash that Steele is going around the town and sending death threats.” “Oh God.” “Yes. Steele quickly agrees with her, but steps on Balto's paw and keeps him from joining the team. “He is wanting to kill Star!” “Crap, not my brother!” Kaltag texted Star. Add new page. What a crazy thing to do just to show off to a pretty girl! free handed, Steele yelling at Balto, for who knows what... fan-art. Balto deleted scene storyboards- Steele's Death Star Gives Balto Steele's Collar In one version of the alternate ending, Star decides that Balto should be the one to have the golden collar, not Steele. Balto and Saba have "The Talk." Steele is determined to keep Balto from getting home with the medicine and destroys his trail. Steele pulls out Jenna's bandana, to her shock. He howls in pain and she and Balto run outside, and Steele pins them, but suddenly Rosy's father and The Butcher arrive, and Steele lets them go. Steele is determined to keep Balto from becoming a sled dog and helping to deliver the medicine. Sign up. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Follow. Steele is the main antagonist of the animated 1995 Amblin Entertainment filmBalto. Stay away from him! The man decides that he can't trust Balto and waves Steele over to follow him. He really died or was buried alive. The storyboards can be seen here. Balto est né en Alaska, dans l'élevage de Leonhard Seppala qui travaillait pour une compagnie minière en tant que conducteur de traîneaux à chiens. Steele(Gallery) | Balto Wiki | Fandom. 5 years ago | 67 views. Iron was all but too thrilled with what had just happened. you can use any of my content in any way you'd like! Steele is a thick furred, muscular black and white malamute with blue eyes. Four days after Balto became the hero of Nome, everything was good for him. “For the first time in forever, Steele is bad guy.” “Poop,” Kaltag said. Dixie is a Pomeranian who lives in Nome and has a crush on Steele. When Jenna leaves with Rosy, Steele starts to follow her, but is intercepted by Dixie. He greets her with a brief "ladies", and it appeared as if his shadow kissed her on the lips, causing her to shudder and collapse with a dreamy look on her face as he walks away and over to Jenna. March 30, 2010: Please search you're question before you ask. Jenna smiled, and she leaned right into Balto's face and kissed him on the lips! Congratulations, Steele. Wikis. Steele bit down at Balto throwing him away again. He goes up to Steele and pulls off the collar, then brings it back to Balto. When Balto arrives to help the lost team, Steele refuses to let him help, insisting that he's the lead dog and he'll be the one to bring back the medicine. Browse more videos. posted by UriahA. He doesn't care for their success, only his, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Balto-Steele is TNT. Kaltag was laying on his cama watching the 32” flat-screen TV in his room, when a newsflash came on. As steele ran past the lever however; his prized golden collar got snagged and pulled the lever open; he was now hanging by his collar over the open pit. Even when villain Steele tries to throw off Balto from finding his way home, Balto finds a way to lead himself and the other dogs back to Nome in time to save the children with the antitoxin. - (Steele) Ladies. Star's Death. He believes that Balto is defeated, but he gets back up again. “No, there was a news flash that Steele is going around the town and sending death threats.” “Oh God.” “Yes. Here are storyboards and any other information we have about deleted scenes from the original Balto movie. Playing next. steele. He might bite you, honey. ElbonNoble Balto's expression in this is just... priceless. Balto gave into her kiss and kissed her back. There are storyboards of this scene. Report. Steele kills Balto (And Steele dies) Some violence and mild language used as well as some religious views towards the end. When the team gets lost bringing the medicine back, the musher is yelling to Steele to slow down or stop, but Steele ignores them and sends them all crashing down a steep hill into a valley. He wears a golden championship collar. I OWN NOTHING!!!! And to answer you, nobody knows what happened to Steele. But it seems like Balto didn't smell the betray... although Steele got what he wanted, the situation became worse ; Balto is beaten almost to death, Steele started fighting his pups and he is kisssing Jenna, although it wasn't what she wanted. This scene would have taken place after the race at the beginning of the movie, possibly replacing the scene where Steele and his friends bully Balto in the allyway. posted by UriahA. Rosy! Steele seems to have little respect for his team and acts like he's a one man show. When he does communicate with them, it's when they question his decisions or abilities, to which he responds with harsh words or violence. After Jenna walks away, Steele begins to follow her, but Dixie rushes over and weaves around his front legs, playing with his collar as he tells him that her owner is away at boarding school, hoping to take Jenna's place in his invite. - Oooh! After the race for the fastest dog, the musher walks over and tells Steele "good job" as he's confronting Balto. The musher is knocked unconscious, and Steele shows little to no concern for him. The musher pats him on the head, then turns to Balto. Steele is a supposed bad guy. Balto and Jenna laughed at Steele, and Balto smiled as he looked into Jenna's eyes, "Now, where were we?" Before the race for the fastest dog begins, Dixie is admiring Steele from afar, in awe that he's going to save the entire town and claiming he's a genuine hero. Pretending to howl about Balto's deceased mother, Balto is angry and want to fight Steele, but with encouragement from Boris, decides its better not to fight. Nearly every female dog in town is in love with Steele, and he loves the attention, but gives none of it in return. To keep Balto and the team from getting home, In an original storyboard for the movie, Steele would have died after Balto returned with the medicine. The other dogs in Nome all seem to admire Steele for his skill and titles, and every female dog but Jenna is attracted to him. - Dad! I needed to tell you that.” “I’m off to tell Nikki.” “You do that.” Balto said. He wins a lot of races and is very popular. An unidentified scene between Balto and Jenna. سٹار, ستارہ got down and was about 200 feet from Jenna’s house when he felt someone grab him. Ironically covered this in Did you know Balto Flim. However in the Junior Novelization, when the team falls into the valley, Steele nudges the unconscious musher with his nose. Games Movies TV Video. But on the way back from Nenana, he gets lost and begins leading his team in circles, and though Star tells him this twice, Steele refuses to admit it. It was Steele. Steele is determined to keep the team from getting back to Nome and destroys Balto's trail as he follows it back home. He manages to climb back up it, furious as Balto leads his team away. They are a team of sled racing dogs. It was Steele. Balto (1919 – March 14, 1933) was a Siberian Husky and sled dog belonging to musher and breeder Leonhard Seppala. I'm sure Jenna would love to have you on her team. Some dogs still tease him about being part wolf, but that was out of love. After Balto outruns him to save Rosy's Hat from being crushed, Steele's hatred for Balto grows, even more so when he sees that Balto also has his eye on Jenna, who continues to reject him. https://baltotrilogy.fandom.com/wiki/Deleted_Scenes?oldid=22078. Part turkey? More images can be found in Balto Screenshots, as well as the movie and reference art pages. But unlike Balto, Steele objectives Jenna as he doesn't care if Jenna is in the mood and also being a pervert whenever no one's watching him as he also forces Jenna to do … He is an egotistical Alaskan Malamute with an extremely mean streak, taking excessive pride in his popularity amongst both the village humans and the dogs and liking to bully Balto over his part-wolf heritage. Alto Anwar. Nikki : Good wordplay there, boss! Balto’s only goal is to save the children, and he puts his own life at risk to do so. He desperately tries to defend himself, but the other dogs turn their backs on him angrily, leaving him alone in the gold dredger. Steele is a championship sled dog who lives in Nome. Kaltag, Nikki, and Star constantly praise him to stay on his good side and join him in teasing Balto, but behind his back, talk about how disgusting, self-centered, and obnoxious he is. He achieved fame when he led a team of sled dogs on the final leg of the 1925 serum run to Nome, in which diphtheria antitoxin was transported from Anchorage, Alaska, to Nenana, Alaska, by train and then to Nome by dog sled to combat an outbreak of the disease. Now you've hurt his feelings. He was respected and welcome anywhere. Steele stretched his shoulders, his eyes dicho it all, "Your not touching that caja, cajón de alive!" Steele is the antagonist of Balto. “He is wanting to kill Star!” “Crap, not my brother!” Kaltag texted Star. "He made me promise to take care of you, Jenna." Steele, feigning innocence and sadness, lies to the other dogs that Balto and the sled team died in the blizzard. My continuation of The Best Balto Articsl EVER . - Hey! Steele is a supposed bad guy. The other Malamutes admire Steele, and he enjoys telling them about his success. Dixie speaks highly of Steele and hopes that he'll notice her new collar. Kaltag : You are the wittiest, you are the drollest, the cleverest, the sharpest, you are the most hilariousest! Balto also suffers a subverted one later, surviving due to deep snow. Steele … Return. posted by UriahA. Last comments. Steele's hatred for Balto grows when the wolfdog outruns him to save Rosy's Hat, and even more so when he sees that he also has his eye on Jenna. As he runs blindly in the snow, he hits a steep icy slope and sends the team crashing down into the Valley. In The Junior Novelization, Steele is described as a powerful purebred silver-and-charcoal Malamute with a mask on his face and steel-blue eyes. After his death, his body was mounted and put on display in the Cleveland Museum of Natural History in Ohio. Kaltag: Dude, Steele wants to kill you! The first time Saba and Iron will sing together. He is a champion sled dog and the rival of Balto. He frames Balto for stealing sausages, and later steps on Balto's foot to make Steele's Musher believe he's snarling and reject him on his team. He's part wolf. Balto's Death. Library. Jenna, of course, gave him love.