The aluminum flexes less. Shop for cheap price Tangodown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release Vickers Tactical Ext Mag Release Glock 42 Only .Compare Price and Options of Tangodown Vickers Glock Extended Magazine Release Vickers Tactical Ext Mag Release Glock 42 Only from variety stores in usa. From Ghost tactical extended mag to Vickers extended mag release, we have it all! Most likely because it’s aluminum. Interestingly, the button caps are aluminum. … The Cruxord Mag Release for Glock is an outstanding solution for anyone who wants an extended magazine release that interferes as little as possible with their firing grip and holster. Lastly, the texturing on the button face of this Tyrant Designs magazine release is pretty aggressive. If you’re still flipping your Glock sideways to reach the magazine release, it’s time to stop doing that. Machined from Aluminum, this item is available in Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, and Blue. Black Hard Anodize button or Silver un-anodized button. This allows shooters with smaller hands to maintain their shooting grip when changing magazines resulting in faster mag changes and a more consistant grip overall! The super affordable Glock extended magazine releases are near the top. Our Glock extended mag release is long enough to make reaching it easy but still compact enough to avoid unwanted presses. This is a pretty boring overall best. But it’s noticeable. Designed to factory OEM specs, then polished and Anodized in one of 8 colors. $49.95 . Co-developed with Sage Instruments, this Modular Magazine Release … Our exclusive collection contains magazine releases in various colors and brands. If you want an extended magazine release with a larger button that’s almost entirely non-intrusive, this is the best option, well-priced or not. That’s technically true. Tango Down Ext. The Zev Technologies&trade Extended Magazine Release for Glock® is easy to install and Machined from Billet Aluminum then Hard Anodized. TangoDown Vickers Tactical Glock Extended Magazine Release, Tyrant Designs Glock Gen4/Gen5 Extended Magazine Release. The Cruxord Mag Release for Glock is an outstanding solution for anyone who wants an extended magazine release that interferes as little as possible with their firing grip and holster. Using the standard slide release presents certain limitations that can hinder performance and ability for more advanced shooters. It’s a good option if you don’t want to change the aesthetic or the ergonomics of your Glock. $24.99 . If you want the durability, easy release, and crisp lockup of an aluminum extended magazine release, but prefer the shape and feel of the OEM magazine release, this Agency Arms add on is the extended magazine release for you. TANGODOWN Vickers Tactical Extended Glock Mag Release, Glock Tan Herstellerproduktnummer: GMR001GT 955727100468 Die erweiterte Magazinveröffentlichung ist leicht zu finden und zu bedienen und ermöglicht schnelle, reibungslose Magazinwechsel, die Ihnen wertvolle Sekunden ersparen hochfester Polymerverbund. But, when I first got this magazine release it felt a bit stiffer than the stock magazine release. Starting at $29.95. Hyve Technologies Glock Extended Magazine Release, Zev Technologies Extended Magazine Release for Glock. The VT GMR-001 is easy to install, and made of the same tough polymer as the Glock factory part. Of course, there’s a downside to a two-piece magazine release: the screw could come loose. Ghost Tactical Extended Magazine Relase for the G42. $24.99 . $29.95 . But it doesn’t have the same sharp snap as other aluminum magazine releases. Specification. The use of "GLOCK" on this page is merely to advertise the sale of GLOCK pistols, parts, or components. Overall, this Hyve Technologies accessory is one of the most affordable magazine releases on the market. This magazine release is shaped very similar to the Vickers Tactical magazine release. Magazine lockup is very crisp and secure. Zev says that the enlarged button won’t interfere with your firing grip. Machined from Aluminum, this item is available in Black, Silver, Gold, Red, Pink, and Blue. And it’s extended just enough to help you more reliably eject your magazine when you need to. Like most things Glock makes, the standard Glock magazine release just works. Glock Gen 4 Extended Mag Release, Large Frame, Tan Parti Fabbricante: GMR004GT 955727100529 Sgancio caricatore esteso è facile da trovare e funzionare permettendo cambia veloce, liscio mag che risparmiare secondi preziosi. It’s just too large to stay completely out of the way. So you don’t have to push through any mush from the polymer bending, which gives both a very easy magazine release and a super crisp engagement when you insert a magazine. The main thing I like about this extended magazine release is that it gives you more positive purchase on the release button. Posted by Micah on Nov 12th 2020 I purchased this slide stop because I thought it be an extended magazine release. Also, it’s stupidly affordable. I hope it helps you guys who want to install that extended magazine release. And extending the standard Glock magazine release just slightly actually goes a long way in making your Glock more user friendly. Popular . Silver-Bolt, Jun 11, 2013. Replaces factory original without alteration. Add to Wish List. Extended Precision Slide Lock. So you don’t feel it when you’ve got your firing grip. Please look at doing the same thing for the Glock 42 .380. the magazine will not accidentally release if pistol is laid on a hard surface. How to choose the right Glock side release. LONE WOLF DIST. Aluminum construction gives you a slightly lighter press to release your magazine. Save glock 19 gen 3 extended mag release to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Looks very similar to the stock Glock magazine release to maintain the classic aesthetic. $24.99 . extended mag release for glock. Overall, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. The Strike Industries Mag Release for the Gen 4-5 GLOCK™ is a new modular upgrade for the GLOCK™ Gen 4 & 5. Makes it super easy to release your magazine. This magazine release is shaped very similar to the Vickers Tactical magazine release. Requires a holster that accommodates an extended magazine release. Look, Feel, Precision for your Glock upgrade needs. It’s a cool design because the magazine release flexes slightly less than a pure polymer magazine release. We invite you to register to receive our monthly email newsletter containing specials and closeout notices. Ghost Stainless Steel Forward Bullet Extended Slide Stop/Release Item: GBF-EXTSS-SS Ample Stock Manufacturer: Ghost Inc $21.95 Ghost Stainless Steel Bullet Forward Extended Slide Release Fits ALL 3 Pin GLOCK MODELS(FITS 3 PIN MODELS ONLY) … Metallic Pin & Extended Controls Kit for Glocks. They are currently working on an ambi version, release TBD. Starting at $71.00. And the front of the button is similarly rounded to reduce snagging potential. It is designed to give you the maximum surface area possible for comfort and speed of release.This one stick further out than the Low Pro release. But you can feel this magazine release under your hands when you’re shooting, even if it doesn’t actually interfere with your grip. So a Glock extended magazine release makes a lot of sense, especially if you have short thumbs. Our extended magazine release offers fast, smooth mag changes saving precious time during combats. But it’s minimal enough that you won’t need to modify or change your holster, if you have one that fits a standard magazine release. It’s just a raised bump. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. $17.95 . Our Price: $15.99 . $18.48. I do not have the S15 yet, I ordered the mag catch in anticipation for the S15. Extended Magazine Release for the Glock 43. So, if you want the most configurable components for your Glock, this Strike Industries magazine release is the best choice. It uses a rounded face to extend the magazine release. products and parts visit Magazine can be unintentionally released when you lay your gun down on its side. Easier, yes. And it actually feels a bit easier to press than the Vickers Tactical magazine release. Aluminum construction makes for a very positive release and engagement. Glock Factory Magazine. Orange County, NY . Glock Mag Catch Spring. In stock. Visit to explore a vast collection of custom Glock accessories. That would be especially useful for say comp. The Glock 43x is a little harder to replace the mag catch than other Glocks. Glock Gen 4 & 5 Release & Extended Mag Releases (Click here for Glock Gen 1-3 magazine releases) Increase your Glock's tactical advantage on and off the range with an NDZ Performance extended magazine release. But maybe you want something that does a little bit more or has the durability of aluminum construction. Extended, with an enlarged button so that you can easily reach your magazine without shifting your firing grip. May not be extended enough for some preferences. Aluminum flexes and deforms less than polymer. this part does not work in the Gen 4 Glock … And it makes releasing your magazine extremely easy. Our collection of Vickers Tactical Glock Extended Magazine Release is the way to go! The Zev Technologies Extended Magazine Release is one of the most popular extended Glock mag releases on the market because it’s one of the easiest magazine releases to reach, regardless of your grip or hand size. However, there are a few details that are small, but actually rather nice. Takes reasonably light pressure to release your magazine. Unless, of course, that is what you prefer to buy. Did not like it and it did not fit my grip. The Agency Arms Billet Magazine Release is a direct replacement for a majority of Glock® Gen 3® and Gen 4® pistols. The Extended Magazine Release is easy to install and Machined from Billet Aluminum then Hard Anodized. Very happy with the mags and mag catch! Free shipping. But, also like most things Glock makes, it doesn’t do much more than just work. Williker CSI. ATTN CUSTOMERS: USPS IS EXPERIENCING EXTENDED DELAYS, WE RECOMMEND CHOOSING FEDEX FOR SHIPPING 1.5% BACK - SAME DAY SHIPPING - CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRODUCTS | CLICK HERE If that sounds pretty good to you, but you’re still not set on which Glock extended mag release is best, just get the Glock Extended Magazine Catch. Glock (yeup) Small flathead screwdriver; Glock Extended Magazine Release Gen 1-3 : I stick with the original since I was already used to it on my G34 competition gun where it came standard. SPOILER—if you just want to upgrade your Glock controls with the best Glock extended mag release that will get the job done, get a Glock Extended Magazine Catch. Of course, the lockup is very secure. Doesn’t make releasing the magazine a whole lot easier. Drop in replacement. Hybrid polymer and aluminum design is slightly more rigid than a pure polymer release, for a more positive magazine release and lockup. However, it’s slim enough that you’d need to get a new holster to fit your extended magazine release. Price. And this is exactly what you need from an extended magazine release: extended. It’s stupid easy to install an extended magazine release. + Shipping to: 20147. NDZ Extended Magazine Release for Glock 43X 48 9MM in Green (*LZ) List Price: $24.99. You wouldn’t think that would be a thing with a magazine release. My G34 came with the Glock extended mag release. As low as $32.99. Glock Factory Extended Slide Stop Lever. Modular Magazine Release. • CNC Aircraft Quality Billet Aluminum Magazine release. However, the polymer side not only reduces the cost of this magazine release, it wears your magazines slightly less, since polymer tends to wear polymer less than metal. GHOST BLACK EXTENDED SLIDE STOP/RELEASE FOR GLOCK MODELS 42 AND 43 Item: GHO-ESR-4243 Ample Stock Manufacturer: Ghost Inc $18.50 The Ghost Black Extended Slide Stop/Release for the 42 and 43 is designed for more aggressive manipulations for positive slide releases and slide stopping power under most adverse conditions.