Homeline is square D's cheaper, residential version. Along with many other features and benefits, the Square D HOM250GFI 2-Pole Ground Fault Circuit (GFCI) Breaker protects single pole and 2 pole loads against ground and overcurrent faults. The breaker features a Visi-Trip indicator to easily identify a tripped circuit in the load center. Have a question? Square D Qo 125 Amp 24 Space 24 Circuit Indoor Main Lug Plug. Schneider Electric Double Pole 100 Amp Stab-lok (NA) Plug-On Circuit Breaker . QO is clearly more expensive but not ridiculously so. circuit breaker. Manufacturers like Square D warns against the use of Classified and interchangeable breakers. It is important to check with a qualified electrician or an electrical supply house to ensure that you can use interchangeable breakers in your panel. Internally both are the same from what I have heard, someone … He says QO and Homeline breakers are rated for only on wire period. ARCHIVED; Lion. Both breakers fit. I have not checked what the cheaper, "Homeline" of Square D uses as a bus. the QO series breaker[s] are 3/4 inch wide and they do come in single or doule pole [ have 3 pole verison for commercal area ] the Homeline breaker are 1 inch wide and they are kinda like univerusal breaker and they come in both single and two pole verison. Square D Qo Load Center Wiring Diagram - Collections Of Load Center Wiring Diagram Gallery. Which would be best for a residential sub panel? C/H makes a breaker that is designed for and has been tested by U/L in the Square D panelboards. Thanks. Next. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I'm basically in the same situation trying to decide between Square D QO and Seimens, and Square D Homeline is also an option. Eaton treats BR like a serious contender, Square D treats HOMeline like a trailer park cheapie. In many cases, a Square D type "QO" panel can accommodate Siemens Q-series circuit breakers, but this is not always the case. Square D Homeline VS QO Breakers #356191 03/08/07 05:33 PM 03/08/07 05:33 PM: Joined: Mar 2003 Posts: 31. Speedy Petey. Re: QO vs Homeline QO has the visi-trip indicator. Homeline's is aluminum. The parts are not interchangeable, so once you pick your system you are stuck with it. Also, can you use different brand breakers? Siemens and Eaton both take advantage of QO's overpricing to make UL-Classified breakers for it. PACKFAN OP newbie PACKFAN OP newbie. Those cans are huge though - if I remember right they are 33" tall. Is there much of a difference in quality between these two? QO Circuit Breakers provide the high level of protection you expect from Square D. When it comes to electrical protection, fast response is critical and QO Circuit Breakers can trip faster than the blink of an eye. what breakers are compatible with Square D Homeline? Related Products. These devices continuously monitor the branch circuit and trip when a potentially dangerous condition is detected. QO vs. Homeline.....40-41 Meter Mains, Metering Devices and All-In-Ones Product Information ... Square D QO and Homeline CAFCI’s help protect people and property from fires caused by electrical arcing. The Square D QO Plug-on Neutral Surge Protective Device (SPD) is a compact and affordable surge suppressor designed for installation into QO Plug-on Neutral residential load centers and CSED's. double pole circuit breakers . What are the differences, if any, between Square D's Homeline and QO panels and breakers? Is there really little to no difference in these from a consumer's standpoint? The Square D Homeline pack includes a 50 Amp Homeline Outdoor Metallic Load Center and an installed Square D Homeline breaker - HOM250GFI. A quick bend of the wire using the wire bend guide on the Qwik-Grip insert and the wire slides into the slot. They are designed to meet residential, commercial, and industrial requirements to protect electrical systems, equipment, and people. Find answers in product info, … The ANSI-certified and UL-Listed unit is rated for 120/240 VAC and 10,000 AIR. Just because the wire can go on either side of the tab does NOT make it rated for two wires. QO® and Homeline ® Load Centers and ... QOfi Circuit Breaker Load Centers from Square D fi are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed panelboards. The Homeline series is about half the … The $40 breaker which you had in your hand is … Sep 19, 2007 #16 jim dungar said: From the Square D website: Question Are Homeline breakers (HOM prefix) UL listed for use in a CHALLENGER or any other … What is the difference between square d homeline and QO? Square D Homeline 200 Amp 42 Space 84 Circuit Indoor Main Breaker. 998-1170221_US QO Plug-on Neutral Load Centers and CAFI Circuit Breakers QO Plug-on Neutral Load Centers and CAFI Circuit Breakers are engineered for a quick … Generator Breaker Interlock for Square D QO or Homeline Indoor or outdoor with main 150 or 200 amp panels 1 3/8 spacing between main and branch breakers Met Lab listed E113887 Kit includes Interlock, labeling, drill bit and generator breaker retainer strap PLEASE Verify panel type by checking second or third pictures › See more product details. The last one I replaced, I was able to find a Square-D HomeLine 150 Amp panel at the habitat for Humaity ReStore for $50, full of breakers. I'm doing another in my current house. 15a double pole circuit breaker. 15a circuit breaker. Double-Pole Circuit The QO 40 Amp 1-1/2 in. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Load Center Wiring Diagram Gallery. Don't get me wrong I'd put either a QO or CH panel in my own house, but I'm a residence I don't really see the benefit. However, Square D added a small protrusion on their bus bars to reject those other breakers from being installed in the Homeline panels. Square D, QO, Homeline: Number of employees. Double-Pole Circuit Breaker is compatible with QO load centers, QO enclosures and NQOD panel boards. at retail. Thus, a trip of an AFCI can be caused by: overloads, short circuits, ground faults, parallel arc faults, or the AFCI itself, each of which will be discussed below. Get out of that tree and stalk your prey. Tandem breakers are known by different names, such as duplex, slimline, twin, half-height, half-inch, double and wafer breakers. The Square D QO tandem circuit breakers are a perfect low cost solution if you need to add an extra circuit when your main panel is full. A 20A single pole Square D, QO breaker should cost about $7. This circuit breaker has a maximum load of 240-Volt with a 10,000 AIR and uses a thermal-magnetic tripping mechanism. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Square D homeline vs QO. This device reduces surges that might otherwise overwhelm plug strips and damage connected household equipment. CDN$16.29. It was a deal I couldn't pass up. Staff member . I saw some people noted above that Square D is made in Mexico, where are Siemens made? 01-23-2009, 06:10 PM. Square D by Schneider Electric HOM120CP Homeline 20 Amp Single-Pole Circuit Breaker 4.7 out of 5 stars 517. Location Massachusetts. The QO series is better quality. Homeline 30/40 200a Main breaker at home depot $106 QO 30/40 200a Main Breaker $173. The thing is, although many Square D QO tandems have the same part number, they don’t all interchange. Joined May 2006; Posts 1661; EE Offline; UT, USA. The Square D QO plug-on neutral load centers with Qwik-Grip simplify rough-in by eliminating the need to remove knockouts, install wire connectors, and blindly pull wire into the load center. The QO line of Square D says it has a tin plated copper bus. QO is definitely the way to go if you enjoy paying 50% more for breakers. Square D is a flagship brand of Schneider Electric, which acquired Square D in 1991. Homeless Despot and Blowes both sell all of the four above listed. The Square D by Schneider Electric Homeline 20 Amp One-Pole Circuit Breaker is used for overload and short-circuit protection of your electrical system. Square D warrants its branch circuit breakers for the lifetime of the Homeline load center in which it is installed . Homelines are considerably taller than QO. They are "classified" 110.3(A)(7) as being "suitable" 110-3(A)(1) but Square D refuses to "label" 110.3(B) their panel as accepting them. 2016) Parent: Schneider Electric: Website: www.se.com /us /en / Square D is an American manufacturer of electrical equipment headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts. Square D by Schneider Electric HOM115CP Homeline 15 Amp Single-Pole Circuit Breaker 4.5 out of 5 stars 61. Their argument is for public safety drawing evidence from past accidents due to the use of Classified breakers in their panel. there is big diffrence on qualty on between SqD " QO " series and " Homeline " breakers. The Homeline breakers are made to fit in most "interchangeable" panels, such as GE, Bryant, Murray, ITE, etc. CDN$16.18. You get a slightly nicer panel with QO copper bus work, and yes they are very nice panels. Like the Siemens Q-series, Square D home panels are designed for snap-in circuit breakers. CDN$49.73. 37 Posts . No question. This breaker is compatible with Homeline load centers and CSED devices. They site the National Electrical Code (NEC) Section 110-3(b), which states that using breakers not listed or labeled is a code violation. Tags: None. Disclaimer: I'm a CH man. Joined: Mar 2003 Posts: 31: I am planning on replacing my 100 amp service panel with either a Square D Homeline or a QO system. The QO 40 Amp 1-1/2 in. The breakers are better, don't fail as often, and have a higher blowout rating. requirement, SQUARE D Company has developed the QO ... A QO or HOMELINE AFCI will also trip to protect against ground faults on the circuit and arc faults. However, Square D added a small protrusion on their bus bars to reject those other breakers from being installed in the Homeline … Or should I bring a tub of vaseline to Grainger or Rexel? Homeline doesn't QO has a copper buss. ~Matt . Joined Jan 2008; Posts 2524; EE Offline; NY, USA . This time, it's a 200 Amp. 20,000 (es. Even Square D® HOMELINE® Cutler-Hammer ® Series UL Classified Replacement Circuit Breakers by Eaton Corporation are the key to safe installation and streamlined inventory. Discussion Starter • #1 • Feb 15, 2010. Secondly, are Eaton and Square D breakers interchangeable? This is the old "Challenger/Square D" fight that has been going on for many years. Special offers and product promotions. The Homeline breakers are made to fit in most "interchangeable" panels, such as GE, Bryant, Murray, ITE, etc. Differences will be obvious when you have them in hand. sometimes there is some pretty nice hi amp equipment for sale.i think guys try to liquidate after they finish a commercial project for a little beer money..... larry . jjwheeler2. QO® and HOMELINE ® Circuit Breaker Load Centers and Enclosures ... QO® Circuit Breaker Load Centers from Square D are Underwriters Laboratories ® (UL ®) Listed panelboards. Your One Source QO612L100SCP 100-Amp Main Lug Load Center 4.5 out of 5 stars 63. I have worked with both, and the QO stuff is easier to do, the cutouts are better, the design is superior. Posted: 5/12/2013 10:38:22 AM EST Anyone to choose the QO over the homeline? Get and use only Square D breakers - QO and / or Homeline are the most common Square D's for residential - no they are not interchangeable - get the one you need. They are designed to meet residential, commercial, and industrial requirements to protect electrical systems, equipment, and people. I will be upgrading a 16/32 Square D QO to a 40/40 100A Main breaker panel in the next week or so.